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Presidents Cup

2019 Presidents Cup Details

Oregon’s second-tier soccer tournament is the Presidents Cup. Teams that win their U13-U18 bracket move on to Presidents Cup Regionals.

Fall 2019 (U11 to U14)

  • Registration and Payment Deadline is October 7th at 5 pm
    • Entry fees is $650 for U11/12 Teams and $750 for U13/14 Teams
    • $100 late fee for any team that pays after this deadline
  • Recommended for Division 1 Teams
    • Premier teams cannot play in Presidents Cup
  • Schedule Request Forms due October 11th at 5 pm
  • Roster Freeze – October 28th, 2019 at 5 pm
  • Seeding based off PTTL Fall League Standings
    • U11 will do a blind draw by Division your team played in
  • Games –November 2nd to 10th
    • Quarterfinals – November 16th
    • Semifinals – November 17th
    • Finals – November 23rd

Spring 2020 (U15 to U19)

  • Registration and Payment Deadline is March 2nd at 5 pm
    • Entry Fee is $750 per team
    • $100 late fee for any team that pays after the deadline
  • Recommended for Division 1 Teams
    • Premier Teams can enter U15-19 Presidents Cup
  • Seeding based off current Winter League Standings
  • Roster Freeze Deadline is March 30th at 5 pm
  • Games from April 3rd to April 26th
    • No Games April 12th, Easter Sunday
    • Quarterfinals – April 19th
    • Semifinals – April 25th
    • Finals – April 26th

Roster Rules for Presidents Cup

  • Roster continuity starts when cup play begins in your state

    • Regionals continuity starts with state level roster, 9 must carry forward​

    • Nationals continuity starts with Regional level roster, 9 must carry forward

  • Registered and “rostered” players at the beginning of the states qualifying event (first day of cup play).  No State Cup qualifying quarter, semi or final players, elite, premier, or most competitive level in any regional or national league or DA.

  • Up to 5 players can be added to your roster from outside of your club as long as they were registered within the same seasonal year.


Qualifying for Regionals

U13 to U19 winners play at the Far West Presidents Cup

  • OYSA pays the entry fee for teams that advance to Regionals.
  • OYSA expects that teams that register for Presidents Cup will make the trip to Far West Presidents Cup
  • Far West Presidents Cup Information
    • June 8-14, 2020 in Norco, CA
    • June 14-20, 2021 in Salt Lake City, UT
  • President Cup National Information
    • July 8-12, 2020 in Las Vegas, NV
    • July 7-11, 2021 in Des Moines, IA
  • Winners need to confirm by May 1, 2020 that they are traveling to Far West Presidents Cup
  • Teams who drop after May 1, 2020 will be assessed the fine from USYS



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