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Jimmy Conway Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2009 as a way to recognize extraordinary contributors to youth soccer in Oregon, OYSA established the Lifetime Achievement award and announced its first recipient Jim Lasher, a past State Association President and long-term club coach. In 2017 the name was changed to the “Jimmy Conway Lifetime Achievement Award” to commemorate Jimmy’s exceptional contributions to the game. Here in Oregon, his real impact was made during his 28 years as the State Director of Coaching for OYSA where he shared his knowledge and love of the game to thousands of youth and adults. Since 2009 this award has only been presented 6 times.

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Dave Potter

When Dave moved to Rogue Valley, he had no idea of the influence and role soccer would play in his life, but soon after his arrival Dave found himself reluctantly raising his hand to volunteer coach for his son’s recreational kindergarten team. Now proving to be one of the most influential decisions of Dave’s life there is not a soccer player or coach in Southern Oregon that doesn’t know Dave as a huge contributor to the growth and development of the game in their area. His first and longest affiliation has been with the Rogue Valley Timbers Soccer Club. While there, Dave has grown to being one of the biggest individual influences to date for the growth of the game in the OYSA southern district.  Read more here.


Jerry Boisvert


Debbie Haring


Diane Smith


Clive Charles


Jim Lasher


Jimmy Conway

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