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About OYSA

Who We Are

Founded in 1974, Oregon Youth Soccer Association (OYSA) is a 501(c)(3) Oregon public benefit corporation providing recreational and competitive soccer opportunities for players of all ages, genders, and skill levels.

OYSA is the only soccer organization in Oregon that offers a diverse range of services and innovative programs to meet the needs of  membership clubs with varied abilities, backgrounds, and financial means.

  • Youth of all ages should have the opportunity to play sports in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Coaches and referees should have the best training available.
  • Clubs should have all the resources necessary for a successful program at little to no additional cost.
  • The principles and outcomes of youth soccer benefit players and families for a lifetime


Put kids first by serving our clubs to provide a safe, positive, and forward-thinking soccer environment


As a member of US Soccer and US Youth Soccer, Oregon Youth Soccer along with the support of our members, will provide tools and resources to further develop coaches, clubs, referees, and parents so that kids thrive on and off the field

Member Clubs and Affiliates

Recreational and Competitive Soccer Players



Soccer in Oregon is divided into nine districts. District boundaries are formed by population of area served. Each district is represented by a District Directors.

District Directors are nominated and elected by the members clubs within their respective Districts at the OYSA Annual General Meeting. District Directors shall be limited to a maximum of two three-year terms. They will serve on the OYSA board and attend or call into the monthly meetings.


The OYSA staff serves member clubs

Board of Directors

OYSA Officers and Directors serve a three-year term and are elected at OYSA’s Annual General Meeting.

Risk Management

Safety both on the field and off is our number one priority at OYSA.


OYSA is pleased to offer this free job listing page for any soccer-related organization in the state of Oregon.


Every state association under U.S. Soccer Federation is required to hold an annual general meeting.

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