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Sanctioned Leagues

All Member Club Sanctioned Leagues are insured under OYSA.  Leagues must be sanctioned each season to be insured through OYSA and have referees assigned to your league.

2020/21 Sanctioned Leagues

Spring 2021

Last Updated March 4th

CFC Spring 2021 Juniors

Central Oregon Soccer League

Suislaw Youth Soccer Association

  • U6 to U14 Intra Club League
  • League Director:   Erin Linton
Fall 2020

Last Updated September 29th

Bend FC Timbers

  • U7 to U18 Intra Club League
  • League Director: Jen Davin

Capital FC Timbers

  • U6 to U14 Inter Club League
  • League Director:  Collin Box

Oak Hills Soccer

Oregon Futbol Academy Fall

Pelada 5 a-side Fall League

  • U8 to U19 Intra Club League
  • League Director:  Joey Garah

Portland City United SC Fall

  • U8 to U19 Intra Club League
  • League Director:  Jeff Enquist

Rogue Valley Timbers

Roseburg Soccer Association

Southern Oregon Classic League

Willamette Rec League

Willamette Valley Soccer League

Woodburn FC Soccer League


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