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OYSA’s Commitment

Oregon Youth Soccer Association is committed to fostering an educational environment to allow referees at all levels develop.

Consistent and constant referee education is a key priority in OYSA’s mission. We rely on a statewide team of instructors, mentors and coaches to share their knowledge and experiences.

OYSA partners with The Oregon Referee Committee and US Soccer to provide registered officials to all levels; recreational and competitive.

For more information about how to become a USSF Registered Referee, please visit the Oregon Referee Committee website today!  Click here to see the course list.

The Details

Courses for Beginners

The introductory course offered: the Grassroots Referee Course.  The Grassroots course is the starting point for new referees of all ages (subject to the minimum age restrictions defined below).

Referee Traits and Skills

Patience, optimism, and a comfort with people, are extremely handy traits for a referee. In addition, physical fitness, familiarity with the game (being a former player is beneficial but not necessary), knowledge of the Laws of the Game, and the ability to interpret and apply those Laws, are essential.  A degree of physical and mental maturity to handle the job is also needed.

Minimum Age Requirement

We absolutely hate turning away interested candidates, however, US Soccer has set the minimum age requirement to 13 years old due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which restricts websites from tracking data on children under 13.  US Soccer uses its online Digital Learning Center to train and register referees, so referees must be a minimum age of 13.

Scheduling and Compensation

One of the best things about being a referee is the flexibility. Referees are independent contractors and set their own schedules!  Once you complete your entry-level training course, you will choose which organizations you want to work for and will coordinator with an Assignor to create a schedule that is right for you.  Your Assignor(s) can help guide you towards games that are appropriate for your skill level, and work with you to get you as many (or as few) games as you want.

Another great perk of being a soccer official is the pay! Rates vary by league, but averages for starting out can be as much as $20-25 an hour.  Once you gain some experience, you can take on take on more demanding assignments – and with that comes even higher rates of pay.

Course Opportunities

The Oregon Referee Committee offers entry-level referee courses year round, all over the state.  If you do not currently see a convenient course option, check back frequently, as new training opportunities are added regularly.

Good luck!

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