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Board of Directors

Volunteer to Serve

Our Board and District Directors exist to support the mission of the OYSA by directing policies that will carry youth soccer in Oregon for decades to come.

This is a tremendous opportunity for volunteers who want to influence and shape our programs for years to come. We have several open positions on our board and in our districts, and we need more dedicated, passionate volunteers to help us steer Oregon youth soccer into the future.

Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the OYSA Office.

Board Responsibilities and Authorities

  1. Enforcing and interpreting OYSA’s bylaws and policies
  2. Establishing and amending OYSA’s Policies in accordance with bylaws 901 and 903
  3. Approving member clubs and establishing districts
  4. Assigning member clubs to districts
  5. Approving all appointments, whether paid or unpaid, made by officers and their designates
  6. Establishing policies for specific cases or occasions not provided for in the bylaws and policies but deemed necessary to carry out the objectives of OYSA
  7. Approving member club bylaws and assuring their consistency with OYSA’s bylaws and policies
  8. Establishing OYSA’s financial policies and approving OYSA financial affairs within the context of the annual budget
  9. Approving all dues
  10. With a proper hearing, suspend, barr completely, or otherwise discipline any OYSA participant or spectator from any member, affiliated club, or affiliated league
  11. Delegating the operation of hearings to exercise the Board’s disciplinary authority to such bodies as may be established by the Board through policy
  12. Suspending or removing OYSA officers and directors in accordance with Bylaw 404, Section 6

Scott Enyart

OYSA Board President


James Lakehomer

OYSA Board Vice President

Krystal Peck

OYSA Board Treasurer

Christobal Mejia

OYSA Secretary

Scott Porter

OYSA Board Director at Large #1


OYSA Board Director at Large #2

District Directors

Soccer in Oregon is divided into nine districts. District boundaries are formed by population of area served. Each district is represented by a District Directors. District Directors are nominated and elected by the members clubs within their respective Districts at the OYSA Annual General Meeting. District Directors shall be limited to a maximum of two three-year terms. They will serve on the OYSA board and attend or call into the monthly meetings.


Tim deRosa


Bruce Parshall

Tualatin Hills

Davy Dupon

Central Valley

Brianna Spencer

South Metro



Sarah von Colditz




Robin Perry




Board Minutes

If you would like to read any of OYSA Board Minutes, please send an inquiry to OYSA
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