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Thurston High School

***Guaranteed Paid Position***

Thurston High School is seeking female coaches for the Thurston High School Men’s Soccer Program; male coaches will absolutely be considered as well.

The JV coach will partner and work closely with the varsity coach to develop the entire soccer program at Thurston High School.

Our coaching commitments are as follows:

Comprehensive treatment of the soul before their role. 

•   Success begets success: we will not realize our full potential (success) on the field until we support our team’s success off the field.

•   We will be focused on recognizing the individual and their unique needs, strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

We will teach to all learning styles.

• auditory, visual, kinesthetic


• Guided self discovery (Socratic Method)

• Leading opportunities for players

◦ In the classroom

◦ On the field

◦ Team building activities

One Team

Varsity and JV

◦ Follow similar season learning plan

◦ Shared soccer classroom time

◦ Shared coaching staff

◦ Practice at same time

◦ Warm-up together

◦ Similar practice format

Development of the complete soccer player


• Overcoming Adversity

• Development of Discipline

• Focus & Concentration

• Decision Making

• Managing Anxiety

• Shaping Perceptions

• Composure and mental strength,

• Coachability

• Intrinsic Motivation

• Ownership of Influence, Attitude, and Actions, and Outcome.


• How to “solve the game”

• Systems of Play

• Understanding of positions and their responsibilities

• Formational Flow

• Spatial Awareness

• Risk and Threat Assessment


• On-the-Ball Skills (dribbling, shooting, passing)

• Off-the-Ball Skills (tackling, positioning, angles)


• Endurance, Strength, Speed, Balance, Agility, Coordination


• How to interact with teammates

• How to belong to a team

• How to contribute to the bigger picture

• How to resolve conflict

To apply for this job email your details to

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